A Corporate Affair

As Valentine’s approaches, I’m reminiscing about the days when it meant everything to have the perfect, romantic evening. As relationships grow older, the excitement that makes a simple red rose smell so sweet can slowly fade, but with energy and commitment we can keep that feeling alive.

I’m in a relationship with my company. It’s there every day, demands my attention, consumes multitudes of energy and requires unwavering devotion. But, as every year passes, there is potential for it to grow stale. Unless I intend on divorcing my business, I must always make an effort to spice things up a little.

It’s not a waste of time to keep your corporate affair exciting. There are many common misconceptions about a business relationship that can lead to failure.

It worked then, it should work now.

Keep things interesting and try something new. Avoid using the same marketing year after year. Clients get bored and crave excitement.

It’s quiet, time to relax.

Turn your quiet time into quality time by using it to maintain connections between the people that matter. Consider a monthly newsletter or blog to share your thoughts and goals with your staff and clients.

A strong foundation can’t crack.

Even the strongest empires can crumble if neglected. Don’t forget your long term clients that helped you build your business from ground up.

We’ll always get invited to the party.

Stay cool. Do you have a custom Facebook site, do you twitter? Disregarding new media, such as social networking, can be a social slip up. Keep yourself on the ‘A’ list to attract a younger audience. Take your business out for a night on the town!

It’s okay to live in your sweatpants.

If you are overly comfortable it’s time for a change! Give your company a makeover and make yourself attractive to new clients.

If you are in need of a cupid to rekindle the passion you had when you started your business, give us a call and we’ll help you spice things up.