How Does Your Seasonal Marketing Wrap Up?

Are you focusing on what you are going to buy this holiday season verses who’s buying from you? If you’re not considering the earning potential during peak marketing seasons, it may be a wash up, verses a wrap up.

The holidays are a perfect reminder of the importance of communicating with your customers during your peak season. Don’t assume people will come flocking unless you let them know what you have to offer. Your customers are watching eagerly for that special “something” at just the right time.

I’m sure you notice that gyms advertise membership specials immediately after the last butter tart is cleaned off the Christmas goodie plate. It’s also no coincidence that winter tires are promoted before the first flake of snow hits the ground? Consider how we are bombarded with the prospects of romantic vacations & jewellery months before Valentines Day arrives. These are some of the obvious examples, now what are some of the simple steps to help you take advantage of spending patterns?

  • Collect data about consumer behavior for at least two years.
  • Evaluate data. What appears as the busiest times, are not necessarily the most profitable. Find out when your customers “look around” and when they actually spend.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors. If your peak season is December, start advertising in October.
  • Advertise early & often. Big ticket items are often deliberate purchases that are planned over time.
  • Keep promoting until the end. Smaller purchases are commonly spontaneous and continue until the end of the season.
  • Make your products a tradition. Repeat the same promotions annually.
  • Be aware of all the factors involved. Geographic, social and economic factors can change customer habits.
  • Spice up your storefront or workspace to reflect the season or holiday. Get people in the mood to buy.

Need some ideas on where to start? Check out our portfolio online to see some examples of what our other clients are doing.