Proud to Support the CHHCF

We’re in a health crisis! What hope do our children have for their future? This generation is in an uphill battle against obesity, diabetes, strokes and cancer, much of which is preventable through healthy living.

So, when approached by our client and friend, Donna Dixson, about revitalizing the Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundation (CHHCF). We jumped at the chance to get on board, especially with her as captain! We’ve been asked to support many charities and foundations in the past, but this one really hit home for us. The opportunity to be involved in something that will make our community healthier was a no-brainer.

Re-branding the CHHCF was challenging, yet exciting as the brand has to reflect what they stand for. Their goal is to educate the community about healthy eating, exercising and proper rest and recovery, in turn, targeting preventable illness. This is a new approach to community health care, not yet seen in the Fraser Valley.

And it was our job to bring this to life visually. Our mission was to revitalize the brand to be athletic, bright, fluid, and energetic. We wanted it to portray healthy living in the Fraser Valley and express the excitement and passion that Donna was bringing to the table. It should motivate people to move and we believe we accomplished this goal. We are thrilled with the positive feedback we have heard, in fact we were so inspired by this project that we decided to launch an entire campaign revolving around health and fitness called HIT Fitness Marketing. Check out our portfolio to see samples and let us know what you think?

Most importantly, thanks to the team at the CHHCF, the board, volunteers, fellow sponsors and supporters. We feel proud to have helped pioneer something that will become a symbol of healthy living in the Fraser Valley and beyond.