The Barkerville Project

There is a town in central BC that, as a 8 year old girl, captivated my imagination. It was like being part of a living museum, full of people that look much like the authentic characters from a “gun-slinging” Western movie. I’m much older now, and my memory is not that great, but I still fondly remember the days spent in Barkerville, camping, playing games, panning for gold and of course eating rock candy.

Barkerville is a historic town, in Central British Columbia, that holds a huge piece of our past. It’s fascinating for all ages as it shares the excitement of living like a pioneer during the gold rush. Every family should experience this magical place in our own backyards.

So how do we convince families to pack up the car and road-trip to Barkerville rather than taking the next flight to California on a quest for a hat with large plastic ears? We have to let them know that there is an entirely FUN experience much closer to home!

Barkerville Bella, Donna Dixson, approached us to help her create an new, refreshing image to show the fun side of Barkerville by using hot pink as a primary colour choice. Pink… really? Surprised by the request to use this colour to represent the Old West we, at Hiwire Creative, took it as a challenge. The outcome was the start of a distinctive, exciting new image for Barkerville.

This is the perfect example on how an unconventional approach to advertising can be highly effective. We love being approached by another creative mind, such as Donna, that trusts us to go beyond the predictable vision and allow the design process to flourish. Check out the new Barkerville campaign at, and say hello to Bakerville Bella!