The Business of Being Social

Blog, tweet, post, when will it end? Probably never. It’s no secret that social networking is now a permanent part of personal and business communications. These simple tools at your fingertips are a direct path to those who matter, so are you making the most of it?

Remember that social media is still a part of your brand. For example, branding a Facebook page has become essential for most businesses as new features allow pages to be interactive and engaging. The gap between the professionally branded and “generic” Facebook pages is growing daily. With approximately 500 million users, it’s likely your customers are part of these social circles and are paying attention. Here are some ideas that can help you take social networking to the next level:

Build a stronger social presence
Maintaining a consistent brand through all formats of media is important, so make it prominent and easy to recognize.

Bring a personality to your company
Show your clients and associates that there is a face behind the name and build a good online personality by being positive, funny and helpful.

Avoid the gossip
Social media is meant to inform and share, so be careful not to annoy, distract or anger your clients with personal gossip. Keep private conversations, well, private.

Find out what everyone is talking about
What matters to your clients should matter to you. Following your customers will help you understand their interests, as social media is a comfortable place for them to express their opinions and concerns.

Appeal to the new generation
You may not use social media daily, but younger generations do! Most of Generation Y would rather spend time in chat spaces than watching TV. They are the future of your business, so stay in touch.

Make new friends and support current ones
Support is a two way street. Take the time to spread the word about those you believe have great products or services because, chances are, the favour will be returned.

Treat it like a professional tool
Watch what you say because people are listening. Be respectful and choose your topics wisely as your audience will be very broad.

Quickly share promotions
Send information that showcases your expertise and is relevant to your clients.
Avoid sending relentless and repetitive ad campaigns that do not target the need of those sharing your chat space.

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to a professional social media presence. And if you’d like us to help you with it, give us a call, or drop us an email, post, tweet or poke… you get the idea!