The DIY Designer

The DIY Designer

Time and time again, I’ve seen companies make the mistake of creating their own promotional materials without the help of experts. Business owners and managers often rely on design and marketing advice from a spouse, family or friends that have little education or qualifications to create promotional campaigns, rather than trusting a professional to work their ideas into effective advertising.

Unfortunately the outcome of self-directed, “do-it-yourself” design is usually obvious. You may be the best at what you do, but your business can easily be overshadowed by an inferior competitor that uses a stronger marketing campaign. Today’s customers are overwhelmed with abundant advertising and will often choose a company based on looks alone.

The craftsmanship that goes into your image is as important as what you sell. Corporate image is your first impression, it’s the smiling face that greets customers every day. Looks matter more than ever, this is why professional marketing of a lesser product can still push it to the top of the most wanted list.

So, if professional advertising has always existed and works, why has self-directed design become popular? There is a misconception that by owning a computer or the “tools of the trade” it automatically comes with knowledge and expertise. Like most people, I own a set of tools, but would never consider servicing my own car. I’d rather spend my valuable time concentrating on what I do best and leave the repairs to the mechanics.

Skill and education drive the tools that create. The introduction of home computers and overloaded word processing programs allow anyone to be trustfully put in charge of a company’s corporate image. The reality is, that even the latest and greatest software needs talent, creativity and skill to produce professional design.

Don’t force yourself to do something that you’re not comfortable with. Trusting an educated professional to handle your image will make a positive impact, get your message across, be attractive and engage your customers.